360 degree camera

Using Advanced Media to Help Your Business

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What is the best way to differentiate your business from those around you?

There are many ways, but a new and creative way is through advanced visual arts. The introduction of 360° photos can take your company to a different level of aesthetic appeal.

How does it work?

The technology of 360° photos is built by having two 180° lenses on each side of the device. This device internally stitches these images together giving you the ability to scroll through the panorama.

How can this help you?

First of all it establishes the space. Having customers be familiar with your space digitally, turns out to be more effective in driving traffic to the location. Within the realms of retail, companies received 4X the amounts of response than places without.

Businesses are trying to utilize this technology by creating a realistic digital store on social media. Engagement between your business and your costumers produces a relationship. By giving them the option to see inside your business without having to be there, you can invite them in physically. Get creative with how you show off your business in 360 degrees!

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