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Two Key Takeaways from Apple’s iPhone X Launch

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Yesterday, Apple unveiled their new iPhone 8 models, as well as the iPhone X, which is a celebration of ten years of iPhone. Packed with new technology and more power, these phones will have a real impact on the lives of consumers, but will also really affect your business. We’ve compiled the main points your small business can learn from iPhone.

1) Apple has decided to really focus on millennial consumers with their new updates. New technology focused on selfies, Snapchat filters, and emoji’s, allows their target market to consume content like never before. A lesson your business can take from this, is a reminder of how important it is to truly know your target market. It is important to know what you are aiming at and Apple’s deep knowledge of who their consumer is, allows them to innovate with high degrees of success.

2) Second, it is important to note that Apple isn’t the first to the party with a lot of these “new” features. Water-resistance, large screens and wireless charging have all been done before. However, Apple combines them in the most seamless package possible, in order to maximize the value to the consumer. If your small business provides the best value to the end user, you will be successful.

3) Lastly, the new facial recognition software could allow marketers to target ads more effectively than ever before. New data on consumer eye tracking, from Face ID, could allow marketers to see where to position their ads on Facebook pages, or Google, in the most effective way possible.

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