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Three Is The Magic Number for Social Media Success

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We are living in a digital age where numbers count. The numbers of subscriptions, the number of clients, and the number of views. We have begun to base our success on the number of people that our content has reached. But what does this mean? Does the amount of views correlate with your success rate?

Not necessarily.

Three is the magic number

As in it only take three seconds of video for Instagram or Facebook to count a view. This is the amount of time it takes for someone to decide if your video is worth watching or if they should continue scrolling.

How do you get beyond “The Great Wall of Three Seconds?” There are countless articles and tutorials online on how to make yourself successful on social media. The most valuable aspect of social media that should be taken away is surprisingly simple. All you have to do is ask yourself:

Why should someone care?

Action– In order to have a successful social media presence, media must be engaging and promote an action from the audience.

Reason– You must create and share pieces that people will look at and understand that it was made for a reason beyond just an interesting video.

Invite– You must create a video that was made to spark peoples interest, expand curiosity and invite people into that network.


Your success is based on the amount of people you engage fully throughout the video, not just the first three seconds. To do this it is imperative that your company contains the aspects of storytelling and advertising that can hook an audience from the get go.

The number of views on your piece should not mean anything to you unless there is a response from that view. Before you create something ask yourself: “why would people want to watch this?”

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