The Creative Tension Marketing team brings the perfect blend of experienced professionals and dynamic marketing interns from top universities to meet all your marketing needs.  We are dedicated to helping businesses and nonprofits thrive by providing client-centered, research-based marketing services.


Donna Leigh BlissDonna Leigh Bliss, PhD
Founder and President

Donna has a PhD in social work and has extensive business and nonprofit leadership experience including starting and directing substance abuse treatment programs.  She has numerous articles published in scholarly journals and is experienced in managing grants.

She started Creative Tension Marketing in 2016 in order to provide personalized, research-based marketing services to help businesses and nonprofits thrive.  She is particularly interested in helping small and mid-size businesses and nonprofits effectively use the powerful digital marketing tools and best practices that are available today to reach their goals.  Donna brings a unique integration of social and business entrepreneurial skills in her work.  According to Donna, “I believe helping entrepreneurs succeed is not only good for them and their families, but also promotes community well-being. To me, making a difference in the lives of others and being financially successful go hand in hand.”

Donna brings a wide range of skills to clients including: (1) coordinating the work of the Creative Tension Marketing team to ensure they provide clients with high quality, effective services, (2) marketing research and evaluation, (3) marketing strategy development, (4) business model development, (5) branding, (6) grantwriting, and (7) accreditation.  Donna also does web design, social media marketing, and videography.

Seth WilliamsSeth Williams
Senior Marketing Associate

Seth is a world traveler with a passion for adventure.  He spent the last 4 years living abroad in South Korea with his wife Jessica while working as the marketing manager for a local non-profit.  Seth has traveled to more than 20 countries in 5 continents, but is proud to make Colorado his home.  Graduating from Western Kentucky University with a major in Marketing, Seth has focused on a variety of industries including both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

In his free time, you can find Seth in the mountains with his two adopted shelter dogs.

Seth brings a wide variety of skills to the Boulder community including social media marketing, photography, and industry market research.

Sue HellerSue Heller
Marketing Associate

A Wyoming native, Sue spent the last 15 years traveling the country before deciding to settle back down in her hometown of Laramie, Wyoming. Sue enjoys working on art and practicing guitar in her spare time. According to Sue, “My life experience has taught me that helping others is what my success and happiness  is dependent on.”

Sue brings a range of skills she offers clients including conducting market research, social media marketing, design, and videography.

Team member Andrew NicklanovichAndrew Nicklanovich
Marketing Intern

Andrew is a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder, majoring in Marketing through the Leeds School of Business and pursuing a CTAM Certificate in Design Technologies, through the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Andrew grew up in California, just north of San Francisco, and moved to Colorado in 2010, upon entering his freshman year of high school. He truly values growing up on California, but Colorado feels like his home. Andrew gets around 30 days of snowboarding in a season, loves Led Zeppelin and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and also loves to binge watch the television show “The Office”.

Professionally, Andrew is familiar with the entire Adobe Creative Suite, and is well practiced in Google Analytics and SEO techniques. In addition, Andrew is fluent in the key web design languages of HTML, CSS and Javascript. He also is very experienced in presenting, and is often asked to take the lead on group presentations and in sales meetings. Andrew also has an extensive background in marketing research and developing integrated marketing communication plans.

Team member Benton JoyceBenton Joyce
Marketing Intern

Benton is a student at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying strategic advertising. His passion for advertising routes back to high school where his newspaper teacher taught him how to use Adobe Photoshop. His teacher also had Benton and his classmates sell ad space, so they could gain funding for the newspaper. Ever since then Ben has been improving his creative skills and working towards his career in advertising. The majority of Benton’s work up to this point has been from the creative side, working on branding, TV commercials, and digital promoting. However, Benton also loves working on strategy with clients to help grow and establish their businesses.

Team member Leah HillemanLeah Hilleman
Marketing Intern

Leah Hilleman is currently a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Media Production. She has always had an interest in the world of video production and photography so it was not a surprise to anyone when Leah decided that was what she wanted to study. Leah enjoys this line of work because technology is ever changing and she believes it is important to utilize it fully. She has expanded her media horizon by producing and editing video content, capturing photographs, creating websites and exploring new ways to show information through technology. According to Leah, “Our world is so affected by media that it is important to reach an audience in an creative eye-catching way which is what I always aim to do.”