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4 “Keeps” to Social Media Marketing Success

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Social media marketing has seemed to take over the marketing landscape.  Talk to most business owners and they will tell you they know they need to do social media marketing, but many aren’t sure exactly how to do that effectively.  Many don’t have the time to do it at all.  Yet, research shows that social media platforms are being used more and more by millennials to get the content they want.

So where do you begin?  We suggest utilizing the 4 “keeps” as principles you can use to guide you.

Keep It Simple

There are numerous social media platforms to choose from, and unless you know which ones are better suited for your business or nonprofit, you can end up getting on board with two many.  We suggest keeping it simple to start.  Unless you are sure you have the time and resources to manage multiple platforms, pick just one.  If you still aren’t sure what one to pick, Facebook is far and away the most popular social media platform out there.

Keep It Consistent

Maintaining a social media site is like tending a garden – it’s a labor intensive task.   But just like a garden can lose it’s luster if it isn’t maintained, you have to post regularly in order to keep your customers engaged.  Best practices vary depending on the platform involved, but if you choose to use Facebook, you need to commit to posting twice a week.

Keep It Interesting

You need to know the needs of your target markets and provide them the content they want.  Just posting something for the sake of posting is a waste of your valuable time.  Research shows that content has to be interesting, meaningful, and easy to consume.  That’s one of the reasons why video is becoming increasingly popular for delivering content on social media platforms.

Keep It Going

Lots of companies that sell social media marketing services like to talk about how effective social media marketing is in terms of increasing revenue – especially if you purchase their service.  Yet, the reality is that it can take a fair amount of time before social media marketing efforts start to lead to more customers.  Just like a farmer doesn’t expect crops that were planted recently to spring up overnight, so too do social media marketers need to take a longer view in determining the return on investment of their social media marketing efforts.



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