Maximizing 2018

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If I were to guess, you are probably sitting at your desk right now, wondering where 2017 went. Don’t worry, we are all in the same boat. However, whether the year flew by or dragged on, one thing is for certain, you won’t be getting that time back. That is why, one of our main goals for the new year here at CTM is to maximize our time in the office. We have outlined some tips to help you manage your time more effectively. Let’s get started!

1) Prioritize

With the new year started, chances are you have a pretty full plate already. It can feel overwhelming, but one way to combat this, is to prioritize all your projects and tasks. Get them written down in order of importance and urgency. Once they are prioritized, take a deep breath and tackle those that need your attention right away. Don’t get caught up in the sheer volume of “to do’s”, but focus on the ones that need to be dealt with immediately.

2) A Loss Isn’t Always a Loss

Fail to land a big new client or make a big sale? It is a tough pill to swallow, but it happens all the time. However, we have a tendency to focus on the fact that the sale went wrong, not why it went wrong. There is nothing you can do to change the outcome, but there is something you can do to change the outcome of future opportunities. Go back to the drawing board and analyze where you think the previous deal went south and work from there. Mistakes are the best teachers, so when you make them, learn from them.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful and use them to effectively manage your time in 2018!