Animate Your Cause

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Sometimes, it can be difficult to share your organization’s cause throughout a wide audience. People tend to skim over facts and don’t always receive the true strength of your message when they are simply reading text. How can you portray your cause to an audience in the most impactful way?

Text animation is a powerful tool in which audiences the ability to visualize data and statistics. Adding a bit of life to your statistics stimulate engagement and generate interest from a larger audience.  Here are some ways animation can take your cause to the next level:

Educate the Public

Depending on what area your nonprofit works in, your founding principles may not be easy to grasp. A lot of times an organization can be working with a topic that seems distant to a potential donor. By using animation to educate people on this topic, they will feel more connected to this world and more eager to help out the cause. Animated video allows your group’s message to come through loud and clear.

Spread Awareness

By conveying your message in an animated video you are opening up your audience to a new medium in which your information is coming through. Some people prefer the written ways of news; however, many people skip over lengthy articles heavy with facts. By giving them the option of animation you are creating a space that can pull in the audience an engage them more effectively.

Tap Into Emotion

Last but not least, video animation gives you the opportunity to convey the emotions that are tied to this cause. Animation helps to stimulate more than you would in just read normal text. Through the use of visuals and audio you are tapping into another layer of interest, which helps to resonate your cause.

Text animation gives you the ability to truly tell your story in a way that you want. Bringing your text to life can better symbolize the importance of your cause and share it to a wider audience than ever before.

Using Advanced Media to Help Your Business

360 degree camera

What is the best way to differentiate your business from those around you?

There are many ways, but a new and creative way is through advanced visual arts. The introduction of 360° photos can take your company to a different level of aesthetic appeal.

How does it work?

The technology of 360° photos is built by having two 180° lenses on each side of the device. This device internally stitches these images together giving you the ability to scroll through the panorama.

How can this help you?

First of all it establishes the space. Having customers be familiar with your space digitally, turns out to be more effective in driving traffic to the location. Within the realms of retail, companies received 4X the amounts of response than places without.

Businesses are trying to utilize this technology by creating a realistic digital store on social media. Engagement between your business and your costumers produces a relationship. By giving them the option to see inside your business without having to be there, you can invite them in physically. Get creative with how you show off your business in 360 degrees!